Interview with Max Narciso
Mar 09, 2016
Interview with Max Narciso
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Max Narciso


Artist Spotlight is a place to showcase new artists as well as revisiting talent.  Enjoy this interview sharing the stories about their work, career, and process for navigating the winding road that artists must take in order to become a professional in such a creative, respected, and sought after career. 


This is the artist Max Narciso.  For more about this artist visit their CTN Profile:   CLICK HERE

Can you first tell us where you are working now and how you landed there? 

I work as a designer from Italy. In Italy I have a studio (Kawaii Creative Studio) which deals with pre-production for the publishing and animation. As for the animation studio character design for several American majors. I managed to work for them, working hard and turning most of the world fairs of comics and animation.

What was your path to Animation?

I arrived animation touring very wide. In Italy, after the technical studies I studied to become a director of animation. I was noticed by one of the teachers of the Disney Academy of Milan. I had the opportunity to attend the course of Disney Academy and start collaborating with Disney and other publishing houses in Europe and worldwide, in the development of comic books and illustrations. This, apparently, has slowed my path in the world of animation, but I believe however, that the approach to the design and the study of the character that you do to create a comic, have helped to create a my solid foundation of design.

Were you always interested in animation or fine arts growing up?

I was convinced by my parents to do technical studies, but my passion were other.

I was convinced by my parents to do technical studies, but my passion were other. In addition to drawing, I play the guitar and other instruments, for years I was part of a troupe of historical re-enactment (other passion that was convenient for the study of character) and I like to sculpt and with my colleague Marieke Ferrari (the other owned of the studio) we created characters very curious, the Canapazzi.

Where did your path lead you from there?

Listening to the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University, I realized that, as explained very well him telling the different phases of his life, many of my hobbies of my passions and I were returning profits to build my professional designers of Character. I'm still working on my education and I believe that my professionalism is constantly changing, so I do not know where the future will bring myself. I try to stay hungry and foolish...

What were your artistic inspirations growing up and how did they change over time?

Initially, my aspirations were the great artists of animation and cartoon. In Disney Academy I start to create my archive.

Then, I realized, that doing so risked copy the choices made by others artist and I changed registry. I started looking for inspiration everywhere, mainly in photography. This coincided with the period when I started working with Marieke, herself an artist Disney, but coming from a path of Art direction tied to advertising. She is passionate about many things that were not part of my imagination. In this way, every time one of the two must tackle a project we can get more ideas on the table, working together.

Do you mind sharing your artistic process a bit? What are your mediums of choice or tools artists might try?

I never had trouble sharing my paths, help other artists, teach... for years I dreamed of having my own academy of design and has not said that sooner or later you realize it!

Currently I teach advanced courses in drawing and composition in some schools of Milan. In years past, I did training on the job to many artists who chose to collaborate with my study.

What I would recommend artists to do is always to draw much, reams on reams of paper. To draw well must become masters of anatomy and study all the forces present in nature, with the friction, inertia, weight... do not need to use a complex character, but you can use cubes or boxes.


How do you stay driven creatively in-between projects and on your own work in between studio projects?

I am one of those people who have more projects are more creative; the problem would be the opposite, having a project only.

For the work of the study have the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate other artists and this is very exciting. For my projects, instead I tend to work alone. Sometimes, Marieke helps me in finding reference material and inspiration, but otherwise I tend to work alone and this has its advantages and disadvantages.

You have a new book you are publishing with CTN that is all sketches and rough drawings, what made you decide to show your early process?

I can always give my best in the sketches, in the lay out. When I try to clean my drawings, all the energy that I can give off cools and this is an understatement of my work. To see how I start drawing is to show the best of myself.

What have you learned about your art and the life of an artist that you may want to share with people?

I do not know if there's anything that I can teach it to someone else... only design rules. What I can say is that the design, not a gift fallen from heaven, and you can live with your fantasy and of your art. You have to study and apply the design because, like life, is full of technical requirements and daily commitment. Learn the basics of drawings allows you to work in any field, and it takes a lot of humility because when you start working seriously you have to accept that our work can be modified and corrected most of the time, first for ourselves and then by the client.

How did you get involved with CTN and what have you found CTN brings to you as an artist?

Before going to the CTN as an artist went as a visitor a few times. I felt it was time to try it and I did. I found myself very well and it was a fantastic experience! The environment is very beautiful and creative and also the energy that develops between the artists is something very beautiful. The level design is very high and cultural exchange very high.


Are there things about the industry that CTN has helped open up?

Due to my experience at CTN I had the opportunity to get in touch with new studies and many artists. Considering that I am unartista Italian who comes to America and then enters the CTN is as if I went to another planet!

Interview by Heather M. Shepherd


Heather is an experienced artist, modeler, and CG designer. She has worked at Disney,Dreamworks, Jim Henson and Warner Bros. Recently shehas been writing, directing,and producing her own award winning films.



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