Now Is The Time with Alberto Mielgo
Jun 06, 2021
Now Is The Time with Alberto Mielgo
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Are you ready to transform and unleash your full creative potential? Now, more than ever, the world needs a new kind of artist. Not a struggling starving artist slave. But an empowered artist with a voice. The ones who dare to dream and create from their soul. The ones who are in it for their passion and their craft. Authentic artists who want to go deep and make an impact with their unique creativity and art because it is a calling.

What's the biggest obstacle holding you back? Is it your circumstances? Is it a lack of resources? Is it bad luck? Is it that there are too many others who are already doing what you're doing? Is it the gatekeepers? No. The #1 thing that's holding you back is your limiting beliefs.
You are under no obligation to be the same artist you were a month ago, or a minute ago. Unleash and un-limit your potential! Now is the time!!! YOU GOT THIS!
Meet the ever inspiring and amazing Director, Art Director and Painter Alberto Mielgo
"I´m not sure what is important about being an art director. I tell you what I do: they give you melons, onions and oranges to do something pretty. You do your best but you know that you could do better if you bring also garlic and big bananas. SO I bring all those elements and win the pitch. As an art director I expect that the agency or director are delegating and trusting completely on my vision. They pay me to give my vision they don´t pay me to be a dead brush." ~Alberto Mielgo
Thank you Alberto for allowing us to be inspired by you and for being so amazing.

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